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CNC Technology

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CNC stands for Computerized-Numerical-Control. In English, it is a large automated router that can cut shapes as large as 51" x 100" to within tolerances of 0.001". This amazing capability allows us to quickly and accurately produce products that would have been too costly or difficult to do in the past. Whether it be engraving, milling or routing our machine and staff are up to the challenge. These are just some of the specialty items in which we have produced on our CNC. To program the CNC we generally will take your paper drawing and computerize it. For added convenience, we can also accept CAD drawings in the following PC formats: dxf, dwg, iges, cadl, vda-fs, anvil, 3dxyz-fs, step, stl.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Plastec produces prototypes, "one-of's" and functional test models in ABS plastic in hours. We also augment this service with traditional machining and fabrication services as well as RTV rubber mold making and casting in resin, bondo, plaster and low melt metals. We can also take your 2D drawings and create the 3D model for the printer to produce.

The Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) works directly from 3D modeling software files in STL format. The printer works with two materials, a ABS build material and a break-away support material. The printer software slices the object to be modeled into layers .010" thick and then the printer builds the model layer by layer by extruding a filament of ABS material .010" by .020" thick back and forth in the "x,y" plane until each layer is complete, moves up .010" and builds the next layer. If a portion of the model requires support during the process the printer automatically builds this along with the ABS and the support can be removed after the build is complete. The printer can also build hollow objects by building in a honeycomb of material on the inside that can be removed after the build is complete. The build envelope is 8" by 8" by 12" tall and if something is bigger than this size, the parts can be glued together using ABS solvent cement.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Plastec now offers laser cutting and engraving with a Pinnacle 25 watt laser. The work table size is 25" by 18" and we have rotary attachment which can work on projects up to 7" in diameter. The most common materials the machine can work with are Acrylic and most other plastics except PVC, Wood, MDF, and Rubber. It can engrave on additional materials such as Glass, Crystal, Stone, Tile and treated metals Brass, Steel and Aluminum.